Singing Bowl

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Singing bowls are beautiful home accessories and Feng Shui cures. Singing bowls are functional and decorative accessories that add exotic flavour of oriental home decorating to modern room décor and offer excellent tools for space clearing and bringing balance and harmony into home interiors.

Singing bowls can be made of gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, zinc and lead with represent the sun, moon and other planets of our galaxy. The right mix of metals generates a negativity piercing rhythm for space clearing, moving the stagnant energy, clearing the space of negative energy and bringing balance into home interiors.

According to ancient Feng Shui, singing bowls create the rhythm that scares away all the evil spirits and ghost as they cannot tolerate certain resonance levels. Singing bowls are still widely used in Tibet for space clearing.

They are also a fantastic metal remedy… as long as you use them!

If you need a base to place bowl on then these need to be ordered separately.

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