The two most important and challenging energies to be aware of and remedy are the very challenging 5 yellow, symbolising obstacles and misfortune located in the South West and the challenging monthly sickness energy of the 2 falls which falls in the North East. The energy of the 5 is the most negative energy of all the flying stars and as this is combining with the annual 2 sickness energy you need to be very careful if your bedroom or front door falls in the South West and to remedy you will need to use metal bells in the South West sector of your home. Hang them on a door or drawer that is used regularly to help suppress this negative energy and avoid the colour red in the South West for August

The number 2 flying star represents sickness and you will need a brass calabash and/or Six Chinese coins located in the North East sector of the house for August. These are to aid in absorbing the negative sickness energy.

It is important to remember that the monthly and annual flying stars are best to use in conjunction with the period star and the flying star of the building therefore it is recommended that you book a Feng Shui consultation to best determine your own situation.

Do not place any moving water to activate yearly influences as you need to take into account the actual Flying Star chart of your home which takes priority.

All of our products are used symbolically to assist you in enhancing your wealth, health and relationships.