The Year of the Tiger commenced on the 21st January 2022. Have you felt the change in Chi?

Each year the annual energy shakes things up a bit and it is important we ensure our homes and businesses are ready.

To remove the old energy from 2021 it is important to sage your house which helps to cleanse it. We also offer Space Clearing Ceremonies for clients residing in Sydney which are fantastic at resetting the energy and programming your home or business to support you at the energetic level. This service is particularly popular for those moving into new homes or launching new businesses.

Remember there is positive and negative energy visiting. The most important thing to do is harmonise any negative energy so it does not affect you as much.

This year we have sickness energy visiting the South West of all buildings so having a 6 rod metal windchime outside in this area helps to harmonise it before it hits your home and business. A brass calabash is also helpful inside especially if your main entry, bedroom or living area is located in the South West.

In the Centre of every building the misfortune energy is visiting so having a brass pagoda here helps to protect you. It is also important to avoid red in these 2 areas as this will only make the challenging energy stronger. Instead, use metal or wood items.

You can purchase these items at my website;

The prosperous energy is coming from the South and North East this year so sitting facing these directions is beneficial.

There is also lovely energy in the North and South East and you can support this by ensuring these areas of your home and business are as clear of clutter as possible.

Nothing beats a professional consultation though which will ensure all aspects of your home are supporting you on every level. There are different levels of assessments (including remote ones for clients worldwide) available depending on your budget so check them out here! Feng Shui Consultations as we are happy to help.