Things are definitely better. We can feel a lot of peaceful energy in the house, having removed all the red from the centre and placed in the foyer and also near the lounge set. All three of us are digesting our food better. We had inadvertently put the chiming clock right on the wall above the lucky bamboo (it’s new spot as suggested by you) in the north sector downstairs. The clock was there for one day and it’s amazing how both of us were feeling irritable. It’s incredible how subtly yet powerfully the energies work either way. It is now in the right sector which we are keeping quiet as an area. We have been sleeping so much better, feel so much more peaceful and our interactions with each other are decidedly harmonious. We have been having pleasant conversations 🙂
Gina, Residential Consultation
Thank you again for your remote consultation, I implemented all of your recommendations. I don’t know how Feng Shui works – I just know that it does! Since making the changes, I am in a secure, loving relationship, my neighbour/former friend no longer plays out conflict dramas with me – in fact I haven’t even run into her since making the changes! I also feel happier generally. I am the happiest that I have been in many years!
Adele, Residential Consultation
Elizabeth has helped us on a number of occassions both with office and home environments. Always very professional and able to articulate a range of options for us. Need to get you back soon Liz.
Rob O'Byrne, Residential and Business Consultation
Liz was wonderful. Her approach to the consultation was very professional set, friendly and insightful. Her suggestions were of great value and amazingly helpful. We are still in the process of implementing all strategies but will most definitely continue. Our overall experience was enjoyable and follow up was never a problem. We would recommend Liz to anyone wishing to utilize Feng Shui techniques to improve lifestyle.
Dr Mark & Mrs Catherine Robertson, Residential Consultation
I first approached Liz 6 months into a new home when things had started going wrong. I had been “in” to Feng Shui for a while and thought I could handle it myself but (no surprise) I got a major reading wrong hence everything was out! Liz’s reputation was such that I flew her interstate without meeting her.
Peter Spann, Corporate and Residential Consultation

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