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Please note: The version we have now is slightly different from the photo, but from a Feng Shui perspective works exactly the same to harmonise the challenging energy of the 2 and 5 flying star.

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In 2021 these are best in the South East and North.

Wind chimes are excellent metal cures for Feng Shui afflictions. This six-rod all-metal wind chime is particularly potent because it is made completely from metal, is of a weight heavy enough to effect the cure, and further to this, the number 6 is metal, and symbolises help from heaven.

Place in the sector of the Five Yellow to ward off illness and bad luck from this unlucky star. This wind chime is also excellent for enhancing the energy of the West for children, Northwest for mentors / helpful people, and North for career prospects and advancement.

This windchime is Bagua Yin Yang with 5 Elements Metal Windchime and is Black & Silver

Wind Chimes to enhance the metal element

The metal element corners of the home are the West and the Northwest corners, and these are places within the home that benefit most from the hanging of metal wind chimes – bronze, brass, copper, aluminum and steel, which are especially potent when there are also feng shui defects to be corrected.

Make sure the wind chimes you use for feng shui reasons, have hollow rods. When the rods are solid they do no have the ability to channel chi upwards, and are thus unsuitable for feng shui.

If you want to use a wind chimes to press down bad luck caused by beams or poison arrows, it would be best to use a 5 or 7 rods wind chimes. To attract good luck use 4, 6, 8 or 18 rods.

Use only metal wind chimes in the West and Northwest corners. Use ceramic wind chimes for the earth corners and wood/bamboo wind chimes for the woods corners.

Use wind chimes to correct feng shui defects like hanging them in front of a protruding corner; or hung of an exposed overhead beam, or to combat a threatening poison arrow which is hitting the main door. The wind chime used under such circumstances is enormously effective in dissolving bad sha chi created.

Made of aluminium.

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