Basically there are a few affliction star numbers in Feng Shui that you should watch out for. However, it is the number 5, known as the 5 yellow, that everyone should be most sensitive to. The reason behind is that 5 is a very powerful earth star, which brings a whole range of woes, from financial loss to unexpected obstacles, and from the sudden onset of severe danger to great aggravation, worry and misfortune.

In Feng Shui, the 5 is the ultimate disaster number and everyone succumbs to its powerful influence. To understand how severe is the 5 Yellow afflictions in your home, you need to know whether there are more than three 5’s in the same sector of the home. For instance, if the mountain star is 5, all occurring in the same sector, then residents with their main door located in the afflicted sector must remedy the situation using strong metal energy.

Nevertheless, the worse case scenario that you should take note is when the 5 Yellow star number afflictions of this type occur in the sector containing the main door, as this will bring terrible misfortune influences to everyone in the house.

If the 5 Yellow star affliction occurs only in the bedroom, then only those in that room are afflicted. In fact, some Feng Shui masters have realized that the 5 Yellow is so powerful that it is a good idea to move out of the room during the time it is under its influence.

Feng Shui Remedies On How To Overcome The 5 Yellow Star Afflictions

According to various Feng Shui masters and practitioners since ancient times, the best Feng Shui cure to overcome the 5 yellow is to use metal energy literally to exhaust the earth energy of the number.

Hence, using a wind chimes made up of metal completely is an excellent solution to suppressing the 5 yellow. In addition, the wind chimes also release the sound of metal which greatly curb the affliction of the 5 yellow.

As we are in period 8, using a five element pagoda made of brass is considered to be more powerful. The reason is that period 8 is an earth period when the 5 yellow becomes even stronger and more influential. The five element pagoda is a conventional and powerful Feng Shui cure to the 5 yellow.

How To Use The 5 Element Pagoda And Where To Place It

From my many years of study on Feng Shui, the best way to use the five element pagoda cure is to unscrew each of the 5 element shapes that make up the charm and fill it to the brim with earth taken from your garden. Then, you should seal the earth inside the pagoda. Effectively, this will lock up the 5 Yellow, rendering it harmless.

Thereafter, you should place or hang the five element Pagoda at the of your house or room as the 5 Yellow sits directly in the North East for 2016.

Thanks to 101 Feng Shui Tips for a great explanation.