If your cup is full, you can’t pour water in it. That’s one of the governing principles of all time. It’s impossible to turn the tide of your life and to rewrite your history if you act depending on unsorted issues from your past.

Your life puzzle will continue to form same picture if you continue to use the same elements. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to mix them differently.

Use a reset to start a mindful formation of yourself and your new path.

Don’t achieve this by searching for new goals, declaring how you see yourself in five years, or by analyzing your mission and purpose. This whole process will be stuck in your old beliefs, which are the ones that take away a whole lot of your energy.

You should start by decluttering your life, both physically and mentally.

Uncontrolled hoarding leads to two things:

  1. Endless repetition of your past. Your life starts to be filled with déjà vu.
  2. Deceleration of life speed. It’s when you look at those who are able to do three times as much as you do and can’t wrap your mind around the fact how they manage that. Success in life and self-actualization in all spears of life is only possible at full speed.

It makes sense to tidy up your life in three dimensions: past, present, and (don’t be surprised) future. Pardon my French, but yes, there is already a pile of shit dumped on your future, and that’s something you need to clean as well.

Start with the present. It’s the most objective. It’s here and now. A full-scale purge of the current moment will vitalize and energize you. Believe me, those are the sensations you will undoubtedly need again.

The main thing is to get rid of all the hanging questions from your to do list.

I’d like to mention that I don’t suggest you polish your present all at once like some Cinderella (well, sure it would be useful!) — At first, you need to sort out the mess and bring «unsolved cases» to a close, even if you have to reset them. You have to take out the tasks from a waiting-list and bring them into operation if they have been there for more than a couple of weeks. This will truly invigorate you.

Here are the things to do this weekend to get a good start at re-vamping your life:

1.Throw away trash

Get rid of all the trash. Discard it, give it away, or take it to a foster house. Never use the «I’ll put it in this box and maybe someday take it to a church». Actually take it away. Don’t leave anything on a waiting-list.

So, what is junk?

It’s everything you don’t use. Here’s the deal: everything you haven’t used throughout the year (that’s pretty lawful) you have to give away, sell or discard, including:

— Clothes you don’t wear.
— Most of the souvenirs apart from those that actually make your house a home (in fact, it’s usually a minority of what you own).
— Inutile or outmoded dishes and consumer electronics.

The more you get hold of, the better it is for you. You should understand that literally every small thing is a fraction of your energy. Take a practical view of the situation and bring only delightful things that you can make use of into your new life. When you approach your belongings, ask yourself: «Do I want to keep this energy, or should I let new energy take its place?»

If your cup is full, you can’t pour water in it.

You are the one emptying your cup. You can pour in as much as you pour out. If you are greedy, don’t be surprised when there’s no room for big change.

All in all, a full-scale cleaning is a game called «To what extent am I ready to let new experience into my life?»

The more you throw away, the more ready you are. By the way, this case applies to all the spaces you own, including your office, your summer house, your car, and even your private jet (if you have one). Surprise your colleagues — tidy your desk for real, start a genuine cleaning process!

2. Delete files

​Taking out the trash is just the thick end of the stick. That’s time to delete files! How much time do you spend online in front of your computer? This is your space as well, even if it’s virtual. It’s also a share of your energy.

We are used to storing everything on our computers. Why delete any of it? The hard drive will fit everything.

The same principle applies here: cleaning is a way to let energy loose. Leave only the files you like and value. Why would you keep a film that you didn’t enjoy? Why do you save those old useless files? It’s a part of you. Do you want to take it with you, even though it’s obvious that the more weight you are caring, the slower you go? Or, do you want to make place for something new?

Your work computer needs the after action review as much as your personal PC. Don’t forget to do the same with your social media accounts, blogs, and websites.

3. Organize your things

I never was a fan of immaculacy, so I even took time to build creative chaos, sheltering myself behind my propensity for art.
Here is what I’ve got to say now: balanced order (not frantic, but organized) guarantees that your affairs will go smoothly, especially if it’s time to speed things up. You won’t be able to switch your speed if chaos prevails on your working desk and in your apartment.

4. Filter incoming information

A flow of incoming information also needs order and tidying-up. It’s food for thought and something your brain functioning depends on. That’s the only way to put it. Have you heard of information intoxication? That’s a common condition many people suffer from nowadays. They read whatever they find on the net and constantly share quotes of great men, by which a true whisper of their souls is silenced.

Information tends to accumulate; it doesn’t go anywhere from the subconscious, that’s why we should meticulously filter information. We should let in only what’s valuable and start implementing it at once, which will allow it to educate us. Otherwise it’ll clutter our channels and create powerful infoglut. This’ll cause you to make mistakes on your way, because you won’t be able to hear the true whisper of your soul.

That’s why I recommend you to do these things today:

  1. Give your friend list a clean.
    Delete all friends whose updates are not sympathetic and inspiring.
  2. Clean your news feed
    Delete or hide those people whose updates get on your nerves, and especially those who post adverse information on world events.
  3. Nail down a list of blogs and websites you are planning to read

My main principle for determining significance of an information source is a feeling of it striking a deep chord in my heart. That’s when you read something and you can sense inner feedback, a recognizable feeling of awareness, and an appetite for action.

In no way should you use «I received an email, so I’ll subscribe and read it» principle. No. This should be a selection of those resources that fulfill you and make you happy. It should be purged and filled with new resources regularly.

5. Finish all pending business and reset it to zero

It’s essential to carry through with all business from your waiting-list. You should change its status to «in process,» start doing it, and get it done; or, reset it to zero. It’s better to decide for yourself that at this point you stop doing something than carry the burden with you. You should sense that everything is done, current affairs are in order, and there are no hanging questions. That’s the «first speed» to get to a «What do I want from this life» question and move towards intended changes.

In conclusion, I should say that the deep cleaning process for your present includes two key pillars: decluttering on all levels, and harmonization of your affairs.

Tune your channels in such a way that you only receive practical quality information in reasonable quantities, and you’ll see how your world transforms.

You can recreate yourself only if you remember not to be held back by your late experiences.

Let the clean-up begin!

Author: Olesya Novikova
Source: interesno.co