Happy New Year to all!

We hope 2013 will bring prosperity, happiness and health to all our clients, friends and family. This month we celebrate Chinese New Year and the last month of the Chinese calendar. The changeover to the year of the Yin Water Fire Snake is almost upon us. The actual date of the changeover is 4th February 2013 so it is important that you have all your remedies in place by this date to deal with the incoming annual visiting energy.

This will be a short update as Carolyn and Liz take some time out to recharge the batteries after a very successful year for Everything Feng Shui where their new partnership was celebrated. The online shop is still operating so feel free to shop till you drop! We have some great items and services available for those who wish to improve their health, wealth and relationships using Feng Shui.

For those wanting onsite consultations there are only limited spots available in January – namely the 16th, 17th, 18th and 29th are left for these comprehensive consultations. The reports you get as part of this consultation remain valid until 2024. Remember if you book one of these you get the Annual Update for 2013 included for free (valued at $129).

No doubt most of you will have received your Annual Updates from Liz or Carolyn by now or will receive them in the near future. We cannot stress enough about the importance of ensuring you get an Annual update completed – preferably prior to the Annual changeover date of 4 February, 2013.

The energy in 2013 will be particularly strong as the flying stars are in their natural positions and as such are VERY strong. This month the area you need to be most concerned with is located in the West and South East. The South East in particular contains extremely strong challenging energy which also relates to sickness. Using a calabash, metal pagoda, salt cure, windchimes or the colour of metal (white, gold, bronze, silver etc) in this area is highly recommended. We now have pagodas back in stock for those of you who need them. Unfortunately, the metal calabashes are on back order but should arrive shortly.

The West contains challenging energy this month although the yearly energy here is quite good so it should not cause as much havoc as normal. Care should be taken in the North as there is likely to be more opportunities for sickness in this sector as well.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will provide you with a summary of what the Year 2013 is likely to bring.