Can you believe we are nearly halfway through the year? For those who haven’t ordered a 2013 Annual update it is not too late. Valuable information can still be provided to ensure the next 8 months (till 4 Feb 2014) will run as smoothly as possible for you.

There are essential items that everyone who is interested in maximising the Feng Shui of their home or business should equip themselves with. These items can be used year in and year out. We will always let you know where the best place is to use these items not only for the year but also for the month.

It is important to remember that your home and business is affected not only by the energy present when it was built but also by both yearly and monthly visiting energy. Unlike the energy of the building which is present over decades, the yearly and monthly energy comes and goes quickly and is therefore quite strong as it wants its presence to be felt. Accordingly we should, if possible try to harmonise this energy on a yearly and monthly basis. Below are some simple instructions on how to best harmonise the energy that is present this year and also this month up until 6 July.

A Space Clearing bell or tibetan singing bowl is great to use to combat the challenging visiting energy of the troublesome 5 star and the 2 sickness star. In 2013 these stars are located in the centre and the South West respectively. This month (until 6th July) the areas in the East and South are also under attack. Ringing the bowl in these areas in the morning and night (you can set a reminder on your phone) will really help calm this challenging energy down to minimise its effect on you.

There are two challenging forces that are located in the South East (Grand Duke) and the East (3 Killings) this year that should always be respected. The best items to place in these areas are a Pi Yao facing South East and located in the South East and a Buddha in the East. Keep these two items in place all year and then you can reuse in a different area next year to continue protecting your home or business from the challenging energy these two forces can bring.

This year there is visiting conflict energy in the East so placing some red here can help to harmonise this energy. A red cushion or painting will suffice. This month the conflict energy visits the North as well and is quite strong so you should also ensure there is some red placed here this month too.

For those of you looking for romance or wanting to improve their existing romance a pair of large mandarin ducks placed in the South West will help support this endeavour.

It is always a good idea to hang a wooden calabash from each occupant’s bedhead to protect them from any sickness energy that visits through the year. At only $9.98 these are an affordable item that can really maximise the health of occupants all year.

For those of you with pesky neighbours you can always hang a small Bagua mirror on the outside of your home to help reflect their negative energy. A final reminder for those born in the year of the Pig, Tiger or Monkey that you should be wearing a Monkey pendant to help protect you from the Yearly Snake energy prevalent throughout 2013.

If you have already had a Feng Shui consultation please book your annual update now otherwise you can get a remote consultation which will include the analysis for 2013!