I have found that there are many people who just can’t afford a full Feng Shui consultation with a reputable and experienced consultant yet really need help in harmonising the challenging energies in their home/business to help support wealth, health and relationships; So I have come up with a remote consultation that is specifically tailored and relevant to your own home/business.I personally will be analysing your home and providing you with a comprehensive report in PDF format.This is not done with automated software – it is specifically tailored to your home/business hence no two reports are the same. There will also be additional general tips and hints for each room in the home. This is such great value for money – and I encourage you to get in now because I won’t be able to sustain this workload however I feel the need to be able to share this information as I know what an impact it can have on your life and that of your family/staff.The great thing with today’s technology is that we can now use tools such as Google earth to give us:

  • Extremely accurate compass readings
  • Allows me to look at and analyse the surrounding landforms
  • The street view function enables me to view the front of the home in addition to the street the home is located on.

This analysis does NOT include a site visit so can be applied WORLDWIDE.There are a few conditions that MUST be met for me to conduct this special consultation.

  • The property must be able to be viewed using Google earth
  • Floor plans of the home (must be to scale) need to be in email format
  • Age of the building
  • This price is for a single story dwelling or small office space
  • Internal renovations are acceptable however any renovations with new roof lines would need to be checked prior to your purchase being accepted. Once payment is received, a request for the above information in addition to a short questionnaire will be emailed to you. Once you have emailed back the required information please allow 14 days for the completion of your comprehensive written report. As I mentioned this is individually tailored by me for you and as I do not use automated software so it does take time to ensure the report is specifically designed for your home/business.The comprehensive written report will include analysis including
    • The use of Form, Compass and Flying Star School.
    • Advice on water feature placement to stimulate financial prosperity
    • Recommendations on how you could improve ALL aspects of your life by activating positive energies and neutralising negative energies
    • Focus will be on every room in your home/business
    • Remedy suggestions if necessary that are inexpensive and practical & incorporate the f