This is a specialised service we can provide to clients who want to ensure a quick sale and is based on Traditional Feng Shui Principles.

We have many clients who will attest to the success rate of this report. One client had her rural property located in Northern NSW on the market for 18 months. She rang us for help and 3 weeks after putting our recommendations in place she had a buyer and the contract signed.

If the recommendations are followed then a sale which you are happy with should result within 6 weeks of listing. You will be provided with a couple of pages of recommendations based on the home you are trying to sell which are usually quite simple to implement.

All we require is a floorplan of the property – an on-site visit is not required.

The report can be emailed within 24 hours.

We provide you with information relating to the following aspects:

  • ensuring the cosmic breath of the home is captured and retained
  • that the yin and yang of the home are in balance
  • whether the position of the stove supports the sale or not
  • where the optimum place is to put the sign
  • the route through the home the agent should take when showing prospective buyers though your property.

If you live in the Sydney area and want to declutter your home prior to selling Carolyn is also a certified professional organiser so she can assist with that as well if you require it.