Many of us spend a large part of our lives at work and the area we work in is therefore very important. Whether it is a home office, shopfront, office or warehouse the principles of Feng Shui when applied correctly by a Feng Shui specialist can greatly enhance the prosperity of your business and the health and wellbeing of both you and your employees. Optimum office selection, use of colour, desk, cash register and water feature placement are all provided and cost depends on size of office space being analysed. The following is included in the consult;

  • 15-20 page report
  • Tips for website based on Feng Shui principles (if applicable)
  • Identification of locations in the sales area where the stock will sell faster
  • Strategies to reduce staff sickness
  • Report with recommendations for each area of the premises
  • Ongoing phone and email support (1hr)
  • Chinese Astrology summary of main employee/owner
  • 5-10 business days turnaround from payment
  • Free gift

Home office or shop front or single office area (max 4 workstations)

  • Mini Feng Shui Business ConsultationĀ $488 inc GSTĀ (report emailed, no onsite visit)
  • Business consultationĀ $688 inc GST (1 visit, hard copy of report mailed via Express Post)

Office complex and warehouses

  • Mini Feng Shui Business Consultation from $588 inc GST (report emailed, no onsite visit)
  • Business $888 (1 visit, hard copy of report mailed via Express Post)