This report provides you with a list of dates throughout the upcoming year that are very supportive and prosperous for you. They are based on your day, month and year of birth. if you know your time of birth is accurate then additional dates can be provided. Some people also have dates that are challenging. Knowing when your good and bad dates are each year helps you to navigate important decisions like holding important events, applying for a new job, signing contracts, buying things like cars or properties and trying your luck on lottery tickets.

For instance whenever I have a bad day scheduled which is around 1-3 days per 2 months I ensure I do not see clients as I will not perform to my best on these days. Likewise, whenever I have good dates which for me are around 10 days every 2 months I ensure I send important emails or newsletters, chase up invoices, book in with clients, purchase large items or sign important contracts. Knowing I have the universal prosperous energy specific to me is a way of creating your own success.