After reading about salt water cures quite a number of years ago, like any good consultant I had to test and experiment with them prior to recommending them to my clients. There are several different ways to set up salt water cures including having them covered however I have found the set up below to be the most effective. Now I should point out that Salt Water cures are not for everyone, if you have small children or animals that stay inside the home they may be unsuitable and the reason for this is that you don’t want to disturb them once set up. Also some people just don’t like the look of them, whilst others love seeing them develop over time – See the picture below of the salt water cures that I just replaced from my home.


I would also like to thank Michael Hanna who has given me permission to re-produce the majority of this information as I don’t see the point in trying to re-invent the wheel.

Set up correctly you can get excellent results and also a fast working cure to combat sickness and bad luck. I use them for the #5 and #2 stars and this year 2016 you would place them in the Centre and North East but you should also use them on your fixed flying star if you have done your own natal chart. If not, it may be worth considering our fantastic value Remote Consultation as this will give you a comprehensive report individually tailored to your own home incorporating the flying star method.

In traditional Feng Shui you do not have to cure every part of the home, if your #2 or #5 star fall in a bathroom, cloakroom, utility or any other less important room you do not really need a salt cure. If it falls in a bedroom, lounge, office or other room that you spend time in you need to set a cure up.

Frequently asked questions:

What element does a salt water cure represent?

Whenever you are recommended something relating to Feng Shui there should always be a reason why and please don’t ever be afraid to ask. There should be an explanation that you are comfortabl