Looking to sell your home? I highly recommend you have a pre-sale consultation.

I did a bit of an experiment with a beautiful property I had for sale. The property was listed with another agent for 3 months and unfortunately for the owner it did not sell. We then marketed the property although whilst we were getting buyers through, something was not quite right. The home itself was styled beautifully – you could not fault it, however we were receiving no offers.

One of the major things I believe is that the owner had a very strong emotional attachment to the property and if they are not ready to let it go – it will not sell. So the first thing I had to do was work with the owner to help understand WHY they want to sell and what their end goal was and ensure they understood that it was time to “let go” and look forward to the next chapter in their lives.

In addition to this I placed some special remedies in the property to enhance the energy, in addition to some space clearing and placing intention. Within one week of completing this, an offer was received and accepted!

It should be pointed out that a pre sale consultation does not guarantee a sale if the owners are not willing to meet the market but it will ensure there are no blockages energetically. Selling 100% of my auction properties in 2015, I have proven Feng Shui has a big impact on my business.

I am a licensed agent and auctioneer working for McGrath and successfully sell property in North West Sydney so I understands the importance of ensuring a property is prepared for sale.

So if you would like to create an environment that supports the sale of your home then Feng Shui could be the missing link. This is a specialised service and is provided to clients who want to ensure a quick and successful sale based on the Traditional principles of Feng Shui.

The majority of people have already decided if they want to buy your home seconds after they walk through the door so first impressions definitely count. Ensuring a smooth flow of Qi, enhancing the positive Qi and harmonising the challenging Qi is paramount when selling your home.

The recommendations all work with the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood) and they focus on making your home “feel right” energetically. We are not talking about major renovations but rather subtle yet very effective solutions and can easily work in with your stylist by recommending different colours and elements.

To ensure the consultation is tailored for your specific home two important pieces of information are required:

  • Floor plans of the home
  • Age of the building (optional)

An onsite consultation is NOT required to complete the analysis however for an additional fee it is recommended that traditional remedies be placed by our qualified consultants to ensure it is done correctly.

You will be provided with information relating to the following aspects:

  • Ensuring the cosmic breath of the home is captured and retained
  • That the yin and yang of the home are in balance
  • Comment on the position of the stove and if it’s position supports the sale or not
  • Where the optimum place is to put the sign
  • The route through the home that the buyers should take moving through the property
  • Placement of particular traditional remedies to attract buyers and offers
  • Our ability to communicate to the vendor the advantages of our services and also that of the agent.

Feng Shui has a lot to offer to facilitate a successful sale so if you’re planning to sell your home, or have been trying to sell it for a while then why not ensure your home supports the process by Everything Feng Shui.

Liz Wiggins